About Me

Julia lives in rural mid-Wales with her two children (J, aged 2 and M, aged 4) and her husband. Her most recent book, Muses: Revealing The Nature of Inspiration was published two weeks after her first child was born in 2007. Now, with the child-bearing years behind her, she is returning to finishing her novel, writing twice a week between school drop-off and pick-up. The deadline: Autumn 2012.

In her past life, Julia worked held many different posts in publishing - from direct marketing for a children's book publisher, to soliciting manuscripts at a literary agency and many jobs in between. Holding both undergraduate and postgraduate first class degrees in Creative Writing (from the University of Warwick - where she studied Philosophy and Literature, and specialised in Creative Writing, and St Andrews respectively) Julia is both a practitioner and critic. She reviews for the poetry journal, PN Review, and also the New Welsh Review.